"Swinging and Meeting" "Futtari Deattari" (振ったり 出会ったり)

As Wakana is approached by a strange foreigner on her way to school, Konatsu once again finds herself short on members as many of them suddenly quit, with Naoko threatening to dissolve the choir club, along with Taichi's badminton club, unless they can find sufficient members. Taichi manages to recruit Wien and takes him to his apartment, where he meets his sister. The next day, Taichi challenges Konatsu to a 2 vs 3 badminton match in order to obtain each other's members for their club, which inevitably results in the choir club's victory. As a compromise, Konatsu decides to make the club a joint choir and badminton club. As they once again go to Tayoru for his approval, he mentions a previous choir club which Wakana's mother was in. Although Naoko stands against the club, Taichi and Wakana help stand against her and Tayoru approves it. Upon hearing of a World Music Festival being held in the village, Konatsu decides to enter the contest. Meanwhile, Wakana is once again approached by the strange foreigner.