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Tari Tari is a 2012 Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works and directed by Masakazu Hashimoto. The series aired in Japan from July 1 to September 23, 2012 on TV Kanagawa, and was also simulcast by Crunchyroll. The series is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.

This episode guide will feature all thirteen episodes that have aired in this series.

Episode Guide[]

Number Title Air Date
1 "Running and Inviting" July 1, 2012
On a school day, where a class gives flowers to their teacher who is heading on maternity leave, Wien transfers into the class and is guided around the school by badminton player, Tanaka. Meanwhile, Konatsu quits the choir club and aspires to create a new choir club, of which she'll need five members. Later on, as Konatsu goes into town to practise her singing, her voice brings Wakana, Sawa, Taichi and Wien together.
2 "Gathering and Struggling" July 8, 2012
Putting their heads together, Wakana, Konatsu and Sawa manage to gather enough members to form the new club. Afterwards, Konatsu gets Wakana to help her decide what kind of song they should practise, eventually settling on a song she used to hear her mother sing to her. They are due to perform, but complications arise which result in Konatsu and Sawa go out on their own, with Wakana backing them up on piano.
3 "Swinging and Meeting" July 15, 2012
Konatsu once again finds herself short on members as many of them suddenly quit, with Naoko threatening to dissolve the choir club, along with Taichi's badminton club, unless they can find sufficient members. The next day, Taichi challenges Konatsu to a 2 vs 3 badminton match in order to obtain each other's members for their club, which inevitably results in the choir club's victory. As a compromise, Konatsu decides to make the club a joint choir and badminton club. Upon hearing of a World Music Festival being held in the village, Konatsu decides to enter the contest.
4 "Getting Angry and Dancing" July 22, 2012
As Konatsu meets the Condor Queens, which was the band that got her into music, Wien spots Wakana being chased after by the foreigner, who turns out to be the third member of Condor Queens and an acquaintance of Wakana's late mother, Mahiru. Meanwhile, Sawa starts to become annoyed with Konatsu as she appears to want to spend more time with the Condor Queens than practise for the choir club, threatening to quit if she doesn't take things seriously. Wanting to make amends, Konatsu searches for a stage to perform on, which is thankfully registered by Wakana, and manages to make up with Sawa.
5 "Throwing Away and Holding On" July 29, 2012
6 "Laughing and Remembering" August 5, 2012
7 "Spinning in Circles and Losing Sight" August 12, 2012
8 "Worrying and Racing Ahead" August 19, 2012
9 "Going White and Going Red" August 26, 2012
10 "Budding and Burning" September 2, 2012
11 "Filling Up and Coming Up Short" September 9, 2012
12 "Piling Up and Ringing Out" September 16, 2012
After Taichi manages to get the photo of Sawa for the painter, he spots the props Wien made being taken away by the rubbish men. As the others head to the rubbish dump to recover them, Konatsu pleads with the student council to resume the school festival, only to have her proposal rejected. The next day, as Wakana visits Mahiru's grave, she runs into Naoko and shows her the song she and Mahiru wrote together.
13 "Growing Sunny, Crying and Sometimes Singing" September 23, 2012
As the gang and their families prepare for the festival, they discover the school gates are closed and the gym has been locked up. As the chairman confronts them, Tayoru decides to stand up to him and allow the festival to be held, with Naoko also offering her support by enlisting the help of the vocal group and wind instrument club to help perform Wakana's song. After the festival, Wien finally receives a postcard from Jan, while Sawa goes abroad to attend an equestrian school, much to the dismay of Taichi who had developed feelings for her. Soon after, everyone graduates and start moving towards their futures.