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Mahiru Sakai
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Gender Female
Age Possibly early 20's
Birthdate May 15th
Zodiac Taurus
Blood Type A
Eye Color Brown
Likes Piano
Professional statistics
Occupation Singer
Relatives Keisuke Sakai (Husband)
Wakana Sakai (Daughter)
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Manga Debut Chapter 1

   Mahiru Sakai (坂井 まひる) is the late wife of Keisuke Sakai and the late mother of Wakana Sakai, who died just before Wakana entered high school. Mahiru was part of the original choir club alongside Naoko Takakura and Shiho Okita (Sawa Okita's mother). Mahiru wrote the Condor Queen's best hit, "Amigo Amigo!", which is also Konatsu Miyamoto's favorite song. She had started to write a song before her death with high hopes that she could write it with her daughter. Unfortunately, her daughter turned her down and Mahiru passed away before she could finish it. But eventually, Wakana had continued what she started where Mahiru and Wakana's song had been named "Radiant Melody".


Mahiru was a beautiful young woman who shares the same resemblance to Wakana Sakai as they both have black hair that is normally tied in a ponytail and brown eyes. The only slight difference between Mahiru and Wakana is the bangs that drape on their foreheads and their hair length:

  • Mahiru has slightly longer hair and straight square bangs
  • Wakana has slightly shorter hair and multiple strands


Mahiru was an easy-going woman who is always thinking about the positive side of everything. She shared a deep relationship with her daughter and always played with her when she was little and she also loved to sing with Naoko Takakura (Mahiru's high school friend).


  • Mahiru's surname Sakai means "liquor, sake, alcohol, booze" (酒) (saka) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).