Here is the list of the minor characters from Tari Tari. Check here for the major characters.

Siblings Edit

Makoto Miyamoto Edit

He first appears in Episode 1. Konatsu's younger brother who is often blackmailed into helping her out with her choir club. Konatsu often threatens to tell their mother about his porn magazine collection, which in turn positions him to carry out what she wants. It is later revealed, when he dismisses her request, that their mother is the one who had told Konatsu about his secret. He is a member of the student council.

Haruka Tanaka Edit

She first appears in Episode 3. Taichi's older sister who takes care of him. She is a college student and sometimes goes into Taichi's room to enjoy the air conditioning, which startles Wien when he comes over to visit. She was the one who got Taichi interested in badminton.

Students Edit

Akiko Okuto

Matsuko Arita

Nao Ise

Youko Mizuno

Rika Katae

Staff Edit

Condor Queens Edit



Others Edit

Kumagai Tetsuji Edit

He first appears in Episode... He is the violinist which many initial members of Konatsu's choir club had wanted to watch during the rehearsal.