Sawa Okita
Kanji 沖田 紗羽
Rōmaji Okita Sawa
Gender Female
Age 16 - 17
Birthdate July 26th
Zodiac Leo
Blood Type A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Likes Archery, Horses
Professional statistics
Occupation Student, Archery club member
Relatives Shōichi Okita (father)

Shiho Okita (mother)

First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

   Sawa Okita (沖田 紗羽, Okita Sawa) is one of the main characters of Tari Tari series. She is the daughter of the owner of a temple near her school. She is Wakana's classmate and hangs out with her and Konatsu a lot. Sawa dreams of becoming a horse rider and is a member of the archery club.

Appearance Edit

Sawa character profile

Sawa is a young girl who has dark brown hair that is usually tied up into pigtails. Her eyes are brown, and her skin is quite fair.

When in school uniform, she often wears a white blouse, red tie, blue skirt, navy socks and bright pink and blue sneakers.

She also wears pink and grey headphones more often in the anime than Konatsu wears hers.

Personality Edit

Sawa has an easy-going and friendly personality. She was the one who managed to get Wakana into writing down her name for Konatsu's choir club. Sawa is also playful and likes to tease others. However, her ambitious nature could lead her into being very emotional sometimes.

Background Edit

Sawa has an interest in horse riding and Japanese archery, in which she chose the latter as her after school club activity at the beginning of the anime. She might also love music almost as much as Konatsu, as she is seen dancing to her headphones in four episodes.

Plot Edit

Her father's disagreement towards her dream to become a jockey heats things up between them. To complicate matters, Sawa learns that there is a weight limit for students to take part in the equestrian school thus being unable to move on with her dream, even after her father agrees to support her. Before graduation, she originally wanted to drop out of school to attend an equestrian school abroad. Nonetheless, despite leaving Japan and studying abroad prior to the official graduation ceremony, Sawa was still allowed to graduate from Shirahamazaka High School. Also, Sawa was chosen to become the green WestStop Ranger by her mother.


Her father actually encouraged her dream behind the scenes.

Relationships Edit

Konatsu Miyamoto

Wakana Sakai

Taichi Tanaka

Atsuhiro Maeda

Shōichi Okita

Shiho Okita