Tari Tari Wiki

Heya! I'm BumblingBoo and I have started editing this wiki majorly on 20th June, once I realised there hadn't been any recent edits.

It would be great if everyone could lend a helping hand to keep this wiki updated, and I have a few goals that I would like to accomplish:

  1. Write overviews and plot summaries for the episode pages
  2. Include more information for character pages
  3. Add pages for the manga

Right now, I think I may concentrate on the character pages and the episode pages, since I had just finished the anime and am feeling quite pumped to help update the information in those areas. The manga would be quite hard, but if we all persevere, then we can do it!

So please, if you all have the time, help me on my journey to strive for a wiki where others can visit to learn more about the wonderful world of Tari Tari! :D