Wakana Sakai
Kanji 坂井 和奏
Rōmaji Sakai Wakana
Gender Female
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Birthdate January 1st
Zodiac Capricorn
Blood Type AB
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Likes Piano, Singing, Cats
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Relatives Keisuke Sakai (Father)

Mahiru Sakai (Mother)

Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1


Wakana Sakai (坂井 和奏, Sakai Wakana) is one of the main characters of Tari Tari series. She lives with her father and her pet cat, Dora. She is part of the "Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club".

 Appearance Edit

Wakana is a fair-skinned young girl with black hair that is usually tied up into a high ponytail and brown eyes.


Wakana character profile

Wakana is a serious and down-to-earth person, always trying to be reasonable with everything. She sometimes can't say no to someone's pleading.

As she was a music student previously, her school uniform consists of a white blouse, blue ribbon, blue dress, navy socks with two white stripes and brown shoes.

Background Edit

Despite the fact that she is apparently very good at singing, she refuses to do so to the point of turning down Konatsu's earlier attempts to recruit her into Konatsu's new choir club.

A few years ago, her mother passed away when Wakana was a child.

Plot Edit

When she was in her last year of middle school, she was too focused on her exams and tended to lash out her emotions to her mother. At that time, she didn't know that her mother was sick. She now lives with regret for being unable to say "I'm going", "sorry", and "thank you" to her mother. She asked her father "Why didn't mother told me about that she was sick?" After she heard her father explain why, Wakana ran to her room crying about the piano that she told her father to throw it out has her mother's handmade keychain that was made for her. Ever since, Wakana seems to have found her resolution, and finally joins the choir club. Wakana had also finished the song that her mother had started to remove her regret of turning down her request to write a song together. Mahiru and Sakai's song is entitled Radiant Melody. Wakana becomes the Pink WestStop Ranger as well.


Konatsu Miyamoto

Sawa Okita

Taichi Tanaka

Atsuhiro Maeda

Keisuke Sakai 

Mahiru Sakai

Naoko Takakura


  • She loves cats and cakes.
  • Though a serious person, Wakana was once called as an 'unexpected airhead' (dark horse tennen) by Konatsu due to her explanation about types of dogeza. (from BD vol 1 character commentary)
  • Other notable characters Wakana's seiyū, Saori Hayami, had voiced include Erika Karisawa from Durarara!!, Tsubaki Kamigamo from Ouran Highschool Host Club  Ein from Phantom Requiem for the Phantom and Rion Yamashiro from Chihayafuru 2.